Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire


This is the 2nd of the Maddox Brothers series, following on from the wonderful stories of Travis and Pidge. 

This is the story of Thomas Maddox, the eldest of the Maddox boys.

From the minute he gave his word to his dying mother that he would protect his siblings, he has dedicated his life to doing just that ...but is all that going to come to an end?

Will his career, his life in the FBI be the ultimate undoing of all his hard work? Will it cost him his family?

Agent Liis Lindy has taken a transfer out of her area, hoping that a change of scenery will help heal a heart that is still reeling from the termination of her relationship with her fiancé Jackson.

Her focus is now entirely on her career, she has had enough heartache, so she is on the march so to speak and there is nothing that is going to get in her way, that is right up until she meets the force that is Agent Maddox that is!!!!!

Liss isn't the only one that is harbouring heartbreak, but Thomas's is a little closer to home because when the love of his life slipped through his fingers, she fell only as far as the waiting arms of his brother. Burying that pain has taken its toll!

But determined to be the man he promised his mother to be, he knows that when he has to face them at Travis and Abby's vow renewal, he will do so with the love he has for his brother foremost in his mind.

But the family gathering also holds another task, one that Thomas isn't really looking forward too, one where he has to explain to Travis that in order to keep him safe and out of prison, he needs him to join him at the FBI.

How exactly Travis is likely to take that is anyone's guess!

Taking Liss with him to Travis and Abby's special day, both of them are willing to pretend that they are in a committed relationship, but they are lying to themselves because the state of their relationship is far from a pretence. They are already falling for each other ...the only question is- Are they willing to face that fact?

When Camille shows up though, they both have a lot of questions to ask and it is touch and go whether they were going to make it.

Between fighting what they feel and trying to bring the bad guys to justice, will Thomas ever get his happily ever after. 

Another fabulous story from the imagination of the majestic Jamie McGuire. Can't wait to see what the rest of the Maddox boys are going to get up to......

A fantastic addition to the series, I give this book a 4.5 out of 5

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