Draw Me In

by Ash Hosking

I’m a rambler I know I am I find it almost impossible to stop when I find something that absolutely love and so I will warn you know I am trying really, really hard not to waffle on!

I loved this book, I thought Aela was a great character out in the big wide world for the first time so to speak having left home and started and University. Young free and single she is living with her best friend Kara and settling into her new way of life, now all that seems fairly uneventful and in many respects you would be correct but that is until Declan! Oh my lord!!!

A fleeting glimpse of him at the gym and her interest was definitely piqued, he was everything she didn’t know she wanted, fit as a flea, Declan was a brute of a guy, with tattoos that screamed at her take a closer look, and while she might not have been the sort of girl to sidle up to him straight off the bat, that didn’t mean she wasn’t willing to keep a very close eye out for him when she was next in the gym…which was now her very favourite place to be!

Declan wasn’t just everything Aela wanted he was everything I wanted in a book hero too, he was a giant, a sexy as sin, tough as nails bada$$ with a tough exterior but a heart of gold. He had done the whole relationship thing in the past and learnt the hard way that love is tough and that being on the receiving end of heartache is never a nice place to be and because of that he avoids anything other than a casual hook-up. Well, we will soon see about that!!!!

His ex, Grace broke his heart but would he let Aela in enough to help put it back together again?

I loved the uncertainty that he carried with him, the determination to protect himself from a pain that nobody could see but that he felt so much. He loved unconditionally, the way he was with his mother and his sister paid testament to the fact that this was a man that deserved a woman that would adore him but was Aela, this beautiful, innocent girl up to the task?

There were elements at work in Declan’s life that meant that what he wanted wasn’t always what he could have but he knew in his heart that Aela was put in his path for a reason, that she was meant to be his woman but that came with consequences and Declan had to weigh carefully what steps he needed to take because one wrong move could be catastrophic. But Aela was no shrinking violet no matter what first impression he may have got, she was as honest as the day is long, a sassy young woman with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. The banter between the two of them was fantastic!

Together they made a brilliant couple, they just fit, they brought the page to life and they illuminated not only each other’s lives, but mine too.

I don’t know if this was just the book I needed at this particular moment in time but it struck a chord with me and I adored it. It was well written and the characters, not just Declan and Aela were superb, they all brought their own touch of magnificence to the page and I adored it!

Topic: Draw Me In by Ash Hosking

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