by Nicole French

There are conclusions that can be drawn from the end of a duet and in many cases, they come easily but not this, Ms French ensured that there was no easy ride towards a happy ever after for this pair, they were made to work for every single second of happiness they could scrape together.
From the end of the first book, I wondered what the author would bring to bear in this story and I must say I was not disappointed because whilst she delicately handled subject matters, that many would feel far from ordinary romance fodder, that didn’t mean that as a reader I couldn’t appreciate the truth that she was trying to portray. Life is not all hearts and flowers, bad stuff happens to good people and I appreciate being treated like an adult and not having the hardships of life removed just in the name of entertainment, What hardships I hear you say…well, those you will need to read for yourself but let’s just say covers everything from Invasion of Privacy to more serious physical, verbal and sexual harassment/abuse and everything in between!
In this we get to see how Will and Maggie deal with the full force of his life in the public glare and it is a glare, nothing they have, do or say is their own anymore, they are scrutinised to within an inch of their sanity and whilst Will is used to it, Maggie certainly isn’t and it is a baptism of fire being thrown into it as she was. But one thing I will say is that while I understood Maggie, there were times when I could feel my rage building, I couldn’t help but want her to fight back, to take a stand against those that were only too willing to try and get between her and Will, I won’t list names but darn it girl you could have been forgiven for unleashing some vengeance on either Amelia or Tricia or preferably both of them!!! Although I was appeased as the story came to its conclusion and I realised that she was biding her time.
Will tried to leave this life behind him and now he is back he still wishes he wasn’t, everything that pushed him away in the first place is still there but duplicated because now he has not only himself but Maggie to worry about.
They had a battle royal to survive the ravages of modern fame and celebrity in all its guises and when they faced their biggest hurdle, I wasn’t sure if they would be up to the challenge or whether it would prove a step too far.
This was a journey, emotionally it was cruel but clever, it was brutally honest almost to a fault but I found that for me that was what I needed to take away from this duet, I needed to see the whole circumstance, the why, where and what for that brought them to where they were and gave them the opportunity to either sink or swim.
This was fiction that mirrored what I would imagine being their real life, in such a way as to leave that mirror smudged!

Topic: Indiscreet by Nicole French

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