Flawless Surrender by Lori King


This author has really knock me on my ass with this series, the first book was just more than I had anticipated and now – book two –dang woman, where do you get these guys?

Tanner Keegan has been the guy that Zoey has had a thing about for far too long but she has a past that had occupied all her energy. She has fought so hard to make something of herself, and she is facing an uphill battle.

Her past interactions with Tanner did not go well, this bull of a man humiliated her, or that is at least how she remembers it, she wanted him and made that perfectly clear but Tanner shot her down in flames and was none too discrete when he did it. Really man, have some manners.

But there was more to the dismissal that just him being an ass, Tanner has particular delectations and he wasn’t exactly sure that Zoey would be able to accept what he could offer.

But despite that night and the distance that they have kept between them since that night, when Zoey needs somewhere to stay it is Tanner’s guest room that has her name all over it – well with limited options she could hardly refuse.

But when his brothers come home, Tanner is forced to make his move or lose her to his brothers

When he lets loose the Dom that he has tried so hard to hide, the connection between them is complete. They are perfect for each other but add the others into their own brand of funky and this is an absolutely belter of a book.

The guys are amazing, Zoey is fabulous and together they are glorious!!!!

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