The Consequence of Rejection

by Rachel Van Dyken

The mistress of mirth is at it again!
I have read a number of books by Ms van Dyken, so the depth of talent she has should come as no surprise, but I finished this story and again had to admit that I am totally amazed by her comedic timing.
In this story, the main protagonists picked up (not exactly where they left off) but certainly after a decade. Maddy Summers did the unthinkable when she rejected Jason’s proposal and then left town.
Because he never truly recovered and despite his attempts to move on, things have never really improved, much to the malaise of his friends, who have borne the brunt of his misery, so you can only imagine how many options there were flying around once it becomes clear that now after all these years and despite how surreptitiously she tried to make her arrival…she is back!
Jason’s friends are determined to have their say and I have to say that they didn’t hold back, I was laughing my a** off at some of their antics, not sure if they were the work of a fool or genius, but that is what you get with these guys, especially Max, who wasn’t content to make a fool of himself, nope he rounded up the others to assist in his lunacy, Reid and Colt, I didn’t know where to applaud or reprimand you for your participation.
I have to stop here as I don’t want to divulge too much, let’s just say that you will not be disappointed. Whilst the main characters were so easy to love, for me, it was the secondary characters that brought the story to life. They took the kindling of a relationship that should have been extinguished for more than a decade and didn’t just breathe new life into it, nope the set it alight.
An eclectic plot that lead me on an engaging journey, I held my breath at times with anticipation and wipe a tear when I least expected it but most of all, I laughed wholeheartedly with a storyline that brought pure joy.

Topic: The Consequence of Rejection by Rachel Van Dyken

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