Cornish Crusaders MC by Kacey Hamford

Second in the series, Kacey Hamford has certainly packed this with as much if not more than she did with the first book – and that can’t have been an easy task because the first book left little behind.

Heather never wanted to belong to the MC, to be anyone’s woman but now she is and despite the fact that Blade has left, she is going nowhere. Her life and that of Liam is with the club now and she settles in for the long haul. She belongs there now and staying with her sister Daisy, she is showing more metal than I thought she had.

I like Heather, she hadn’t had it easy and when Blade left she could very well have fallen part but, this woman is made of tougher stuff, she gathers her emotions, keeps them in check and just cracks on. But everyone needs the opportunity to cut loose every now and again and Heather is no different, so when the others suggest a night out, she is up for a change of scenery and the chance to relax.

But things take an unexpected twist for her when she comes face to face or should I say lips to lips with someone that she never expected to see again, could he really be back and if he is , where the heck has he been?

Heather is in a spin when she realises that her senses are being overloaded by the fact that Blade, is before her but no matter how much she wants him to be back, she wants answers first. Especially when it appears that he may not have been alone while he was away?

Blade is sharp enough to know that Heather will need placating sooner rather than later, he also knows that he owes his brothers for taking care of his responsibilities, namely his family while he has been out of the picture but he isn’t the only one that has news, there has been so much happening at the club while he was out of the picture, he too has to catch up on business.

I loved Blade, his character really had me gripped, although that is not to say that he was entirely fault free, I could have bashed him upside the head on more than one occasion.

As you would imagine, there are a whole host of secondary characters in the book that I must say I am just itching to get to know better. Cammie is a peach of a character, I really like her and I am really pleased with the direction that her character is going, but I also like Ashlyn and Tiffany. But I am itching to get a little more from the guys, especially Drake and Neil but if I have to beg then I would say that above them all I need a little more Solar…please Kacey!!!

The story is not necessarily complicated so to speak but it is complex, there are so many twists and turns that it is a challenge knowing where to draw breathe and don’t even think about putting the story down, it is just not possible.

There are so many questions still unanswered that I looking forward to the next book, the series is addictive.

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