Clean Sweep

by Kate Willoughby

A well-paced, relaxing read that gave me a sports romance that once I got stuck into I quite simply did not want to put down.

I loved the fact that the connection between Cameron and Dakota, and I especially liked the fact that we were left in no doubt from very early on that the feeling was very much mutual.

Cameron was feeling the pressure from the team when they brought their latest idea to engage with the fans to the table, they suggested that the team could make videos of what the players lives were like when they were not on the ice, a sneaky peek at what they are really like behind closed doors…just one teensy problem with that …and that is the fact that Cameron is a first-class slob!

Hence the introduction of Dakota when she is hired to clean his house, ready for the onslaught of the cameras. Luckily, she was made for the job and it didn’t take much for him to ask her to take on the role on a more permanent basis, as his housekeeper…live in of course!

Dakota has her hands full with her day to day responsibilities, working two part time jobs, all whilst she was doing everything she possibly can to be the best parent she can be to her niece Zinnia and as if that wasn’t enough she also had Nana to deal with and she was not a woman to be easily placated.

Nana was a fly in the ointment, but would her interference be terminal for Dakota and Cameron?

Great read, perfect for a lazy day by the pool in the sunshine!


Topic: Clean Sweep by Kate Willoughby

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