Keep by Karyn Lawrence

I was keen to get stuck into this, after finishing of the first book, I was left with a want that I needed to resolve. A n itch that I just had to scratch so to speak, I hoped that this would fill in the emotional gaps that I was nursing and boy did it!

Kara is Laurels sister and Shawn is Shawn is Jason’s brother, small world eh! 

The chemistry between this pair was scorching, and despite what they might have been telling themselves, or at least what Kara was saying, there wasn’t a hope in heck that they were ever going to be able to keep their hands off each other and I am extremely thankful for that being the case because when they get together the sparks fly!!

Shawn was seriously hot, he was sexy, seductive and crazily sneaky when it comes to Kara. He just isn’t going to let her crawl inside her head and push what they could have aside.

They have both been through the fight that Laurel and Jason have been enduring but it means that Shawn is extra vigilant when it comes to Kara, but is she is as much danger? Will the past continue to bite them on the ass?

I like the relationship they have going on, especially the alpha aspect of Shawn which really won me over and when Kara seems to be genuinely on the bad guy’s radar, all bets are off and Shawn is in full on protector mode…woohoo!

Topic: Keep by Karyn Lawrence

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