Protecting Her by Alexis Noelle

I have become a huge fan of Alexis Noelle and this book just confirms my devotion – the woman has this writing malarkey nailed!!

Protecting Her is the story of Hunter and Samantha and they while they are the strangest of bedfellows the have more in common that you would originally think.

Hunter is hired by Samantha’s mother – what as I her you say – well I think the title of the book really should have you barking up the right tree – he is her bodyguard.

But there is more to the pair of them than initially meets the eye and I couldn’t help but smile - it is fabulous.

Hunter is the guy that has never looked for commitment, he doesn’t do seconds, not ever but when his last conquest is the one that he has no choice but to see over and over again, you just know that what is to come is going to be one heck of a ride.

Now while everyone thinks they knows Samantha, they really have no idea, they see the face she portrays to the world but behind that veneer she keeps herself well hidden, Hunter gives off a different vibe, this man isn’t overawed by who she is, it is as if he can see into her soul – but will he like what he sees?

Hunter, might think she is as hot as hades but she is his charge and he has a job to do, getting too close is out of the question and in a bid to make that easier for him, he decides that the bigger the ass he can be to her the less she will want to have to do with him, the old reverse psychology trick – just a shame that his heart and mind are looking at Samantha from different ends of the want scale – because no matter his plan, he is falling for her and there is nothing that he can do to stop it.

Hunter gave Samantha a confidence that she hadn’t had the opportunity to feel before, he instilled so much self-worth in her that he helped her to grow into the person that she wanted to be not what she thought she had to be for those around her.

From what I could see though the healing worked both ways, Hunter had secrets, ones that held him back but by cutting loose and helping Samantha, he learns that his problems have to be faced head on and that only he has the ability to do that, his words to Samantha ring in his ears and by taking his own advice he may just be a man that he can face in the mirror each morning – a man that Samantha may want to face each morning too.

This was a fabulous tale of discovery, love and learning, of being who you know you can be and being ok with that.

Of leaving the stuff you can’t change behind you and learning that each step forward is a step that should never be taken with regret, life is an ever changing path but you only get one shot at taking your next step- you have to learn to make them all count and together Hunter and Samantha learn to make each and every single one count- oh and the light the page up along the way!!!