Harvest Ride by Trixie Pierce

Giving evidence against the cartel is always going to have a profound impact on your life, so in this story we find Outlaw James, biding her time until her day in court arrives, knowing that when it is all over she will finally be free to start all over again – albeit continuing to be some she is not.

Outlaw is tough as old boots, taking shit from no-one and determined to do the right thing, she works hard as a carpenter but taking her situation into consideration, she keeps herself to herself – her best friend Harvey is just completely priceless.

But Outlaw’s world is about to hit a bump that she hadn’t foreseen- Colum McKissic because when Outlaw saves his life one day, destiny starts to make its own plans.

Outlaw’s situation means that she is not willing to get involved but there is more to Colum than meets the eye and this handsome businessman has had his eye on Outlaw for some time and is fully aware of her situation – creepy I know and this alone had me intrigued as to how he would resolve to tell her what and how much he knows.

But with danger around them and the uncertainly of the connection between them, I have to say I was glad when they did finally get together – Outlaw deserved someone that loved her and despite his methods – Colum bloody well loved her.

You will love Harvey –this brute of a man, was just a joy to read. He had a heart of gold – a real gentle giant and his friendship with Outlaw was fabulous.

The story galloped along at a pace that I found entrancing, Outlaw had depth and tenacity while Colum was just the perfect gentleman.

A sexy story with a hint of not only danger but mystery – a great recipe for success!