Sweet Possession

by J Daniels


This is one of those books that you take one glimpse at the cover and you know damn well that you are going to have to find a comfy spot and settle yourself in for the day.

I found myself engrossed in the story to the extent that I barely moved until it was finished and even then it took me a while to recover my composure because believe me, tissues are not optional – they are essential!

Picking up the story of Dylan Sparks and Reece Daniels with little over a week to go before their wedding, the book covers everything that you would want to hear from the beautiful bride to be and the crazy countdown to the big day.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and enough OMG’s that you will both laugh and cry your way through the week.

One thing you will not miss out on is the fact that this happy ending may have its hiccups along the way but it is never in doubt – this pair is just down right fabulous together.

The love that they have for each other is not only expressive it is all encompassing.  I want a Reece all for myself – his love for Dylan is just beautiful.

The story’s mixture of ingredients means that it gets the balance right when it comes to romance, laughter, sex and angst but what it gets top marks on is its characterisation, I loved to that Bryce was back – just because it gave me a real reason to really get my hate vibe going!

Overall,I thought Sweet Possession was a better read than the first book Sweet Addition and that is rare for me – there is usually a dip somewhere along the lines that allows me a chance to become distracted and therefore to disengage with a second book – Sweet Possession bucked this trend.

It took hold of my attention and never let it go, it swirled its sugary magic through my hands and kept my sticky fingers turning the pages of this super witty, super sexy tale of finding your soul mate and mixing up  a happy ever after – no matter what.

A truly great read from a very talented author