Back Stage by T Gephart

I cannot believe that this series is now over and I actually think that I may be in mourning!

I have loved this series and the characters, I have lived through each of the previous books and I am gutted that there is no more.

Back Stage is Jason, the keyboard player’s story and it is a truly fitting end to the series.

I adore the band, each and every one of them but I was super excited to finally be get Jason’s story he was such a man whore, I wanted, no I needed to see the good guy underneath all his bravado.

Jason’s love interest is Angie, she knows the guys since she had previously been Troy’s neighbour but when she gets the call for her band to join Power Station on tour, she finally has the opportunity to get the man she has lusted after since their one ill-fated night when she was just eighteen.

But she is not that kid anymore, she is one kick ass woman, who takes no prisoners, holds absolutely nothing back and has a mouth like a sewer – yep… Jason may now have met the perfect woman for him!!

But can she forgive him for the way he treated her?

The conversations – no actually they are not conversations, most of the time it is a war of attrition, but love and hate are so closely connected that it was only a matter of time before their situation exploded, although I have to say that when it did it shocked the pants off everyone.

I was gobsmacked, I thought I knew what was going on in Jason’s head… not a bloody chance – he nailed my ass!!

I am sad that this is the end of the journey, I will miss these guys and the women that love them. But I have an inkling that I will be revisiting them in the very near future.