The Foreplay

by Haleigh Lovell

Engaging eroticism that brought developed characters to life before my very eyes.
This was a story unlike many that have gone before it in as much as it didn’t appear to glorify the passion that burned between Ender and Adelaide, nope it gave their connection room to elaborate and the capacity to show us just what they meant to each other. They were sizzling together, but they were also so much more and whilst the author managed to encapsulate that passion masterfully, what she also managed to develop was the feeling that this was more…this was a love that was truly life-changing.
I thought that pace of the book was pitched to perfection and although I hadn’t read the first in the series, I don’t think that my enjoyment of this story suffered because of that because there was an intensity about the writing and the characters that made sure that I could feel the story and not just read it. The author ensured that I had everything I needed at my fingertips the only difficulty was finding enough time to put it down to pour the wine!
If I had to put a label on this I would honestly struggle to narrow it down because there is so much that I could and should say in order to make sure that you understand just how fantastic the book is. The story centres on Ender and Adelaide and tell the most beautiful story of how they come to not only love and respect each other but of how their emotional partnership takes shape.
This is a fabulous insight into two souls and what it takes to actually love someone with every fibre of your being.
With a superb secondary cast and an attention to detail that can only be admired, I would have no hesitation in stating that this is quite simply brilliant.
Quick-witted and charming your senses will be left reeling, but your heart will thank you, this is happiness in all its guises.

Topic: The Foreplay by Haleigh Lovell

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