Raw Redemption

by Tessa Bailey


So it’s the end of the series and I am not alone in saying that I am really sorry to see it come to an end.

And for the this the final hurrah Tessa presents Henrik and Ailish’s story and it wasn’t at all what I expected. I liked the fact that the story hit the ground running that the characters were fully on board with the plot that the author had in mind and that there was no hanging about.

The author was able to ignite a fire in the two of them that needed very little fanning. Henrik might not have been everyone’s perfect guy, he didn’t suffer fools and left very little on the table but he was hiding the fact that from the minute he had set eyes on Ailish he knew that she was worth losing everything for and he almost had…but could he salvage the one thing he wanted more than anything else…. Ailish?

I loved the fact that Henrik was dirty in every way that mattered, he was honest and rough, engaging and articulate but when it came to Ailish he was a little reluctant and that was a lovely aspect to his character.

Ailish was the daughter of a major crime boss and someone that has lived life carefully cossetted from the wider world but that didn’t mean that he didn’t know what was going on, she had knowledge that was not only dangerous to her but also others. Unwittingly on the run, Henrik is sent to bring her back and to convince her to help his unit bring her father down, it was just a shame that her father had his crew’s out searching for her too.

I like that we got a roundup of the other couples in the series, and got a sense of closure somewhat but it was Henrik and Ailish that captivated my attention, they had to find not only a way to trust each other but to salvage a relationship from what would be left when the plan that they had to undertake was over…if they made it out in one piece and that was definitely not guaranteed.

The situation was dangerous, the stakes were high but they had something that had to be fought for and taking her father down was key to their whole future.

There was bucket loads of angst and drama, there was danger and attitude but it was tempered with a guy that just loved his girl and would do anything to protect her. I loved the conflict that was present in Hendrik, that this monster of a man could be tamed almost by a mere slip of a thing but she meant more to him that he had experienced before.

His life mattered because of her and that was the undercurrent that travelled through the whole story.

As you would expect Tessa Bailey was never going o cap this series off with anything other than spectacular and she hit the nail on the head, this was a sensational story.

Topic: Raw Redemption by Tessa Bailey

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