by Tess Thompson

Whilst this is most definitely part of a series, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t perfectly well equipped to stand alone and it read beautifully as singular body of work.

The trials and tribulations of Grant and Liz spanned a decade, the love they had experienced previously having dissipated when the pressure of real life flexed its muscle and tore them apart but with an opportunity to work together on a trial that will take both of their skillsets, do they have what it takes to leave the past behind them?

I wondered if they would be able to find a happy medium and for much of the book I thought that Grant was holding on a little too hard to his demons, he was suffering so much under the weight of what he continued to force himself to carry.

But would seeing Liz add fuel to that fire or would she be the balm that soothed his soul, I for one was hoping that it would be the latter.

As for Liz, well she is a resourceful woman, but she had little in her life other than her career which she has thrown everything into. So, would River Valley work its magic and allow them to wind back the clock, and find a happiness that they both so sorely needed or would they find it all too much.

With a plethora of characters from previous books, this was a story that brought a lot to the table, it was both entertaining and engaging. The characters didn’t take long to become ingratiated, they and their plight resonated and that meant the books found its way under my skin.

A great read, one that has me itching to read the rest of the series

Topic: Riverstorm by Tess Thompson

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