Dangerous Exes

by Rachel Van Dyken

The second in the Liars series by Rachel Van Dyken, and it almost won me over as much as the first book did, but not quite.

Whilst I would suggest that you read the first book, it isn’t essential as this stands up on its own but I do feel as if you would gain a little insight as to where I believe the author was headed.

I found the characters as entertaining as always, Ms. Van Dyken pours her heart and soul into each and every one of them and it shows.

The story revolved around Jessie and Isla, and as much as we were initially introduced to them in the first book, they finally came into their own here and I was totally glued to my kindle as their story unfolded.

Jesse feels that Isla is responsible for his situation and Isla hasn’t a clue why he should be so bent out of shape over what was a tiny error on her part, and I suppose I could see it from both points of view but Jesse is wary of women after an especially traumatic marriage and an even more traumatic divorce!

But Isla is no push over and she wasn’t about to be bullied by him and she certainly wasn’t going to lose her company without a fight, no matter how miffed he was. I adored Isla, her fight and spark made her sparkle and I loved the fact that the two of them were more alike that they would have ever admitted, so if you are looking for your next read then you would be hard pressed to find something that brings so much to the party, love, life and laughter…this pair have it all

Highly recommended.


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