Down Shift

by K Bromberg


I think I am in a minority somewhat in as much as I haven’t actually read this whole series, I know shameful, I am constantly reminded by my friends that I am missing out and after finishing this book I think I now get that I have to get my act in gear and have a binge! Although saying that I actually thought this read well as a story in its own right, I might have missed a little background but the actual intensity was there in bucket loads.

This is a story about Zander and I will say now that if the rest of the guys in the series are anything like this guy I will be kicking my own a**.

Zander is in need of some down time, time away from the events of his past and the resonance those have had on him and how his life as panned out up until now. So he packs up a bag and heads off to what he considers to be isolation, a quiet town where he is hoping to blend into the background.

That might have been the idea but when he meets Getty, he is instantly drawn to her, he can feel her kindred spirit, a woman that knows the demons that plague him too.

Can they use the time they have together, no matter how long that might be- I got that they work working with their self -imposed termination date but although I had a hankering that they might be able to keep each other a lot longer is things worked out!

I could wax lyrical about the fact that they didn’t heel each other, but that their support meant that they were both able to face their pain head on. I hated what had happened to Zander but it was something that he had to work through himself, with the right shoulder to lean on and with Getty he got that, he got a woman that was perfectly placed to be exactly who he needed.

But could he be the man for her? Could he help this wonderful woman find her own peace? I wanted everything to be the best for her, she deserved a happiness that at times I didn’t know that Zander was going to be able to give her.

I thank the author for the quality of a story that was beautiful, for characters that were impossible not to love and for a story that gave me cause to stop and take stock on more than one occasion. This was a book that encourage me to think and I loved that.

Topic: Down Shift by K Bromberg

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