Devil You Know

by L.A. Fiore

Damian Tate is the product of a broken home, an father that left him when he was a child with a mother that was barely worthy of the title, her mothering skills and instinct seemed not just to be lacking…nope they were completely non-existent. But Damian is a tough cookie and is more self resilient than a kid of his age should have ever had to be, but the psychological damage is so intense that the true magnitude of his home life was a ticking time bomb, completely skewed by the feelings that his mother’s actions had left him harbouring.

I really felt for this poor boy and what he had been through but by the time he entered high school and met Cam, I had everything crossed that he may have been turning a corner. Cam became his best friend and Cam’s family showed him what it was really like to be cared for. He was absorbed into their family unit and more importantly he was introduced to Cam’s twin sister Thea, and from the absolute get-go their connection was complete.

But as you might expect, these star-crossed youngsters have a lot to learn and no matter how much they believe that their future is together, Damian’s past soon puts paid to that. Decisions are made that have devastating results. I felt gutted!

Their journey was so emotional that it had me dabbing away tears for more pages than I could possibly count, I wanted more for them than I thought they wanted for themselves and found the action of others and the effects that, that had on them was painful, I felt physically enraged at times but that wasn’t all they were contending with…nope, I am not telling you , you will need to read the story to find out but I will say it was far more than I imagined.

Superbly written, this was a realistic look at what it takes to love and be loved.

Topic: Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore

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