Til Death by Bella Jewel

This book, will not only open its pages to you, it will suck you in and churn you around for a while until it decides that is screwed you around long enough and  then it will spit you out, dust its hands together and walk off, leaving you dumbstruck and vacant on the floor.

Characters and books like this are rare, they are isolated phenomena, icebergs in the sea of literature that when they come into contact with other masses, they take you down, Till Death will take you down and you will enjoy every god dammed minute of it!!!

Bella Jewel will hold you lock, stock and both barrels from the first word right up until the last and you would be well served to pay attention, settle in and hold on tight, because assuming you have read the synopsis, you already know that this is not going to be a smooth ride.

The characters will engage you, the storyline will intrigue you and the narration will blow your mind, the diversity of techniques will leave you gentle flitting from past to present and from one character to the next as you hurtle frenetically towards everything you are praying to god will not take place.

Knowing what was coming was a difficult thing to get my head around but no matter what you know, nothing prepares you for the opening of all the different scenario’s, all the little nuances, all the plot twists and turns and the huge sigh that will cross your heart and cut deep into your soul when you realise that all your praying was for nothing and that Ms Jewel is indeed a cruel mistress.

Marcus was the absolute personification of a bad man; he was everything your mother warned you about when you were growing up. He was cold and ruthless. Emotionally devoid and so calculated in everything he does that finding a grain of soul in him was an impossible task, but I loved that he was so black, so demonised, so collected in his desire, so passionate… I think I just loved the fact that he didn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t, he was completely honest and transparent in his manner and although for much of the story I didn’t like what he had to say, in a way I admired his honesty.

Katia's on the other hand was a completely different kettle of fish, she was beyond beautiful and her being caught in the net that was Marcus made my heart break her. She had no idea what or who she was involved with and more to the point why, but she tried and through her sheer naivety she defended her relationship and tried desperately to convince herself that he loved her.

I cried so many tears for this girl, not all because of what she was experiencing but because I was staggered that such a sensitive soul was being decimated in this way.

The book will leave you in no doubt who the villain of the peace is, but it will have you counting the days until book two hits the shelves.. If you have any doubt the last few lines will cement your enthusiasm.