Asphalt Cowboys Girl

by Marie Savage

I love finding a new author and this was my first read by Marie Savage…it will not be my last!
From the first page Luke and Aimee Jo’s story spoke to me, I liked that Luke had a profession as a rig driver that I hadn’t come across in a story before, not saying that it has never been written about, I just know that I haven’t come across it. Life on the road suits Luke, driving across the country never really worrying setting down roots or where he lays his head particularly, he hasn’t exactly been hurting for company but a relationship has never been on the cards…or at least it wasn't until he picks up a hitchhiker…Aimee Jo.
Budding country music star Aimee Jo had her sights set on making it big, heading to California to make her bit for success, she is soon rocked to her very core and takes to hitching a lift to get to where she now needs to be.
They were captivating, confined in the cab of the rig, they had a sink or swim situation, learning to get along. But it didn’t take long for the penny to drop that the fact the two of them could have a whole lot more going on if they just took the time to cool their heels…perhaps then they would see that all their angst and attitude wasn’t pulling them apart it was actually pushing them together.
I loved Luke, I thought his character came across beautifully, yes, he has been a bit of a lad but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be something more, especially when it comes to Aimee Jo, I loved when that penny dropped, gotcha!
A story that reveled in its emotion, all the while bringing forward a story that was as angst-filled as it was romantic.
Well written, I look forward to reading more from this author in the future


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