Butterfly Dreams by A. Meredith Walters

I have had this author’s work on my kindle for longer than I am willing to admit, all books bought and paid for but never actually read. This although was a different matter, I don’t know why there was just something about this that meant I didn’t want to just add it to the collection, I wanted to read it and now I have I am glad I did because it did not disappoint.


The story didn’t hand about, it was a fairly swift read, in as much as the story didn’t languish around or stutter. It took a sensitive yet engaging look at learning to live with not only who you are but what life hands to you. It is about dealing with being you!

Corin, I know I shouldn’t laugh but surely we all know as Corin, the friend we all have that is constantly at deaths door even though she is probably fitter than you are. She is seriously mixed up and absolutely certain that she has some unforeseen illness that is going to do her in.

Beckett on the other hand is actually recovering from an almost fatal heart attack and is learning to live with the limitations that, that has impacted on his life. It wasn’t only his physical abilities that changed that day, suffered a mental change of perspective.

So what could possible go wrong when the hypochondriac Corin meets the pragmatic Beckett at a support group for heart patients?

Well, Corin’s overwhelming tendency to always look on the dark side of life, had me creased up, really woman get a grip! But counter that with the glorious Beckett and his determination to see things from the completely opposite perspective and you have either a clash of epic proportions or somewhere in the middle you are going to find a beautiful meeting of minds and which one they would be was far from certain.

The story was pitched perfectly, it was laced with just the right amount of humour that it weighed carefully on right side of the serious subjects that the book also tackled. I think if I had to pinpoint one aspect of this book that stood out for me it was the perfect allocation of sarcasm, it illuminated the whole story and did so with just the right tone. There are times when it is good to know when to hold your tongue and/or when to let go, sarcasm fills the gap in between beautifully.

A super story, beautifully written and it was a pleasure to read.

Topic: Butterfly Dreams by A. Meredith Walters

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