Damaged Love

by Riann C. Miller

I really can’t say much about this book…other than the fact that as a second chance romance, this is probably as good as it gets.

I loved Jet, young, rich and decidedly wary of women and their motivations…that is until he steps in to rescue the delightful Rachel from the most awful event.

And from that minute onwards, she was a constant factor in his life, he couldn’t shake her, his memory refused to let her go, and when he bumps into her again, it isn’t just his memory that is holding on tight.

But as you would expect not everything is easy and they eventually go their separate ways.

The story picks up years later and they are thrown back together …and again it is far from simply, they have yet more to work through but isn’t that the measure of not only happiness but love itself.

Topic: Damaged Love by Riann C. Miller

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