Falling Under

by Lisa Renee Jones

There was no better way to bring this series to its conclusion than spending time in the company of Jacob and Jewel, because they made sure that I would remember their story for a long time.

I will admit that I am sorry to see this series go, each of the guys have brought their own brand of alpha to the table and with Jacob, I have to say that Ms Jones you certainly didn’t skimp…this guy oozes machismo, every pore is filled to the brim with a special gloriousness, he just quite simply is…take that as you will because I have run out of words for him!

The banter between two of them was primarily what kept me turning the pages, they baited each other with ease but their resistance to the inevitable was totally futile because this pair were destined to be together but darn it, it as fun watching them trying to work that out for themselves.

I liked that the author gave the pair of them full bodied characters, she put the meat on their bones so to speak and made sure that we had the opportunity to see not just their strengths but also their weaknesses.

Well written, this was one that I was every bit as entertaining as I had anticipated.

Topic: Falling Under by Lisa Renee Jones

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