All Stars Fall

by Rachel Van Dyken

Full to the brim with Ms van Dyken flare, this was the most glorious dip back into a world that I didn’t know that I was missing…the beautifully vivid imagination of an author that leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of excellence.
I loved that this was centred around a single dad, and for me, that was more important than the fact that he was a Rockstar.  Trevor’s wife isn’t on the scene any longer, so he makes the decision to give himself and his children a fresh start and he packs up their life and moves them lock, stock and barrel to Seaside, Oregon… good man!
Penelope is a champ when it comes to kids, so when she inadvertently meets Trevor whilst in the coffee shop, little did she know when she woke up that day that she might end up being eth nanny or the children of a Rockstar, but is she cut out for what Trevor and his family have to offer, I don’t know that she knew that she was.
I loved the fact that the relationship between Penelope and the kids so energetic, she poured her heart and soul into the connections he had with them and they were just too darn cute. Add Trevor into that mix and the story was heading off the charts!
Trevor was a fabulous Dad and from the get-go, the interaction between him and Penelope was ready to spark but it was allowed to evolve in a lovely way, it wasn’t rushed, it was given time to breathe and for a little story, a novella so to speak that isn’t easy.

Topic: All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken

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