by JC Valentine

Ok, for a fighter based book, the one thing that took me by surprise was the fact that there wasn’t actually that much angst and attitude to the story, in fact it was actually quite sweet. Maybe even a little too sweet at times.

Jami and Ally had been connected since childhood, he grew up next door and seemed to have an inbuilt understanding that his job on this earth was to keep her safe and even at that age he would sneak into her room at night…mind out of the gutter ladies, they were children!

But as an adult keeping her safe doesn’t mean that they’re in a relationship as you may have expected, nope…there is a friendship that tethers them together but they’re both fighting what could obviously be so much more. I loved the fact that they can both see what is happening but that neither of them can really address it the way it needs to be.

Trouble seems to be Ally’s middle name and she attracts all manner of wacko’s but when she ends up knee deep in the sh*t trying to help one of her clients it is Jami that steps up to do what he has always done, watch her back!

They are an odd pair, she is feisty and he well the guy rules the ring, his temper is legendary …but while what they have is explosive but will it be incendiary!!

With book two lined up ready to go, I have to say the cliff hanger ending didn’t peeve me as much as I thought it might but had I had to wait I think I might have been screaming!

Well written, this is a read that calls it like it is, it takes nothing for granted and leaves nothing in the shadows, a straight up good read.

Topic: Knockout by JC Valentine

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