Hold Me Until Morning by Christina Phillips

Life in the limelight is losing its shine and Paris O’Connell is looking for a time out!

After a decade in front of the screen Hollywood has definitely lost its appeal and this soap queen is desperate to get away from not only her job and the paparazzi but also a mother that really is a pain in the ass!

As a mother she sucks because she seems to be able to completely disregard the needs of her daughter and fails to understand why she would want to be out of the public eye, even for one minute. I suppose as a manager she’s ace but if she was my mother I would have walked long ago, she was mean!

With the utmost subterfuge, Paris makes good her plan to flee and with her brother’s best friend by her side, she heads for the mountains.

Cooper Grayson has been friends with Scott since they were kids, there is nothing he won’t do for him in the blink of an eye and as security is his business, when Scott approaches him about looking after Paris, while she takes a vacation, it didn’t take him long to consider his response. What’s not to love about that sort of assignment!

I liked Cooper, he was a poster boy for never judging a book by its cover because despite his bass ass style, this man was a gentleman to the core who, while he took no prisoners in his professional life was completely different in private. He has a childhood that still haunts him to thank for that!!!

Now, I am sometimes not a fan of the whole instalove thing that there appears to be going on in many stories but with Paris and Cooper they had history, they were long time acquaintances and with that in mind I found it easier to accept the speed with which their relationship hit the ground running.

But it was not all plain sailing, as expected Paris’s mother is a constant thorn in their side and Scott has his penny to add to the situation too.

But they had inner strength, they had fortitude and were prepared to work to get there they wanted to be…together.

The story reads well, it is has a fairly nippy flow and is definitely easy on the angst.

I would have liked a bit more play in the story but overall it 


Topic: Hold Me Until Morning by Christina Phillips

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