Piece of Work

by Staci Hart

3.75 Stars
A genuine Rom Com that whilst it didn’t exactly knock me off my feet, it certainly made sure to rock me a little.
I liked the setting, the art world is fascinating for me and I also liked both David and Rin (David probably more so, but I suppose that would come as no shock!)
I thought Rin, this shy, awkward but beautiful woman with a penchant for poor social interaction was initially intriguing and by the time this duckling had found her mojo and was ready to show the world exactly who she was, I wasn’t the only one paying attention.
David had it all or, so it would seem, but he also had an attitude to match, he was far from endearing let’s just leave it at that. So by the time he finally sees that Rin was so much more than “the intern” I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had knocked him on his a**.
Told for dual perspectives, this was a classic ugly duckling story, and in all respects, I think that was what the author was going for, so I suppose she knocked it out the park but for me, I just felt that some of the story was a little too contrived or perhaps that is being a little harsh, maybe predictable would be more appropriate.
 I thought the book read well, it had an easy pace that encouraged me to not only continue but to buy in, I just wasn’t buying all of it!

Topic: Piece of Work by Staci Hart

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