Emma's Blaze by Marie Piper

And my cowboy fixation has been satisfied! I really enjoyed the fact that this romantic book had everything I could have possible wanted and saw funny too boot, the characters leapt off the page and I couldn’t get enough of them.

I defy you not to fall for Bill, because the hero of the story was just what the doctor would order for my seriously down in the dumps heart, he lifted my spirts and brought a smile to my face.

He found Emma, and I mean that in the literal sense of the word, hurt and alone and definitely hiding not only herself but a huge secret, one she wasn’t willing to share. But the gentleman in him, wasn’t willing to push, she needed his assistance that was blatantly obvious and despite both the aversion to the lies he knew she was spinning and the pain that her destination held for him on a personal level, his heart drove him to help.

Emma was focussed on her end goal, the town of Cricket Bend, little did she know the person tragedy that the place had inflicted on Bill and his family.

Bill is with his father and four brothers, all younger I may add, which I hope means that I have more of this delicious family to come, when he happened upon Emma, and as such he had no option but to have her join them on the drive to get the cattle to market, not that everyone too her presence well.

I loved the fact that despite their perception of her she was willing to get her hands dirty and dove straight into helping the guys in their task. She worked hard and earnt their respect, she wasn’t ever supposed to be on a cattle drive but she took to it like a duck to water, perhaps a change of outlook n=might have her reviewing her situation.

It was blatant that Bill had feelings for Emma, but would that still be the case once he knew the whole story, once she opened up?

When her story was told I had my fingers crossed, for them both.

Of course then we had to deal with the whole situation that being in Cricket Bend and what that would do to the pair of the, could Bill stomach being in a town that holds such misery for him and would the questions that Emma have find their resolution in the town, was her journey worthwhile or was the fact that she found Bill going to be enough?

Could they live happy ever after, was a life on the ranch what Emma needed, I think like Bill, I had my heart in my mouth, hoping that she could see a future with a man that could offer her a life that she may not have wanted but was completely suited too, one that would provide her with absolute devotion, from a man that knew no other way to worship her.

A beautifully romantic story that was beautifully written and fabulously descriptive, I found the time I spent on the trail with them almost magical, the author gave me descriptive tones that brought the who experience to life right off the page.

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