Fall for Him by J C Valentine

The cliff-hanger at the end of the previous book should have been enough warning of what was to come, I mean there was no way picking up from that, was not going to be a belter of a story and Joe and Rebel did not disappoint, this was exceptional.

The story evolved so much as it secrets were divulged, mysteries uncovered and answers revealed but most of all as Rebel and Joe (Josephine) grew together and  found themselves in a beautiful relationship, one that showed and encompassed their evolution .

Rebel is as alpha as ever, showing absolutely no sign of easing up on his possessiveness, gosh you’ve got to love an alpha man!

I loved the connection between him and Joe, was just so lovely, especially since she really had the makings of his dominant ass!!

She gives as good as she gets – really, the chatter and banter between the two of them had a smile plastered all over my face, The pair of them were just so different that as much as might think they would never work together, they were the perfect complement to each other,

Joe was as strong woman and Rebel respected that trait in her and in return she took him with all his quirks and ways, no matter how dark, after all that’s the man she fell in love with to begin with.

Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you love someone?

Well in this case it was a clear as the letters on the page that this couple were mad, stupidly in love with each other and I loved reading about them.

I have to say that JC Valentine is quickly becoming one of my favourite and go to authors, she is able to tease and tantalise me with characters that quickly engrain themselves to me.

She gives me characters that are worth caring about, ones that could be part of my circle, that when I look around I can picture around while they may not be ordinary, far from it, they are normal.

They experience the normalcy of life, the ups and downs, the happy and the sad, the love, lust and hate that relationships impart on the soul of each and every one of us.

Rebel and Joe were as normal as their story allowed but they were honest to themselves and I appreciated them for that, I loved the fact that they stood up for what they wanted and believed and refused to cow tail to anything or anyone around them.

Bravo to them!!!