Counter To My Intelligence by Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale, hits it straight out the park…yet again! And this time she gives the main man his shot at happiness and that made me very, very happy indeed.

Silas is an enigma, there is an air of mystery and intrigue about him that means he just oozes everything that an alpha male should and without even trying I though he came across as an exceptional human being.

Yes, he had been, seen and done things that most of us could only ever imagine but his feet are well and truly on the ground…that is until Sawyer finds her way into his world because her presence means that his life is about to change.

Now it is no secret from the blurb that Sawyer is significantly younger than Silas but it made not one jot of difference, if anything I found the age gap one that drew my attention, I wanted to see this man of experience learn how to handle a young woman, who had been through so much and had learned to hide her heart away.

Could he show her that she was worth more than she could ever comprehend, because if anyone could it would be Silas.

Her situation meant that she was a shadow who desperately tried to keep out of the line of fire, she had an almost inherent need to try and achieve not only Silas’s but everyone’s approval because without it she couldn’t forgive herself for her past.

Silas is the man that Sawyer needs, he had the dynamic that she can feel sheltered by, he will protect her with everything he had, even from herself and I adored that about him, he was willing to put himself on the line for a woman that wasn’t strong enough to stand up for herself.

His life experiences brought out the best in him and in turn that meant that he was able to bring out the real Sawyer.

He taught her how to be the woman that she was destined to be, not who he wanted, not who her family or friends (not that she had many) wanted, not who the system tried to change her into but who she was on the inside, who her heart wanted her to be and that was a strong, charmingly beautiful woman.

Someone to stand beside Silas as more than just decoration, as his woman!

I don’t want to tell you what happens and that is because  I adore this series and each and every book is a just fabulous, Silas and Sawyer are no different in their excellence, so reading this to find the full path that they have to travel is no hardship … you deserve the time that it will take to read their tale, go on spoil yourself!

Topic: Counter To My Intelligence by Lani Lynn Vale

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