End Game

by Lisa Renee Jones

It is strange to think that this is the final chapter of Shane and Emily’s story but alas it is and I would say that the author made sure that they went out with and bang and not a whimper.

The dynamics of the book were cleverly interwoven, the fact that there were elements of both pain and pleasure that needed to be addressed in order to give them an ending that they deserved and let’s just say that is was an emotional ride.

I felt their pain as they did everything they could to distance themselves from the past that having families like they had foisted upon them, desperate to escape the stigma and assumptions that their family’s criminal activities tarnished them with. It was far from easy task but that doesn’t mean that it had to be insurmountable, they had an inner strength that they seemed able to draw upon and I couldn’t help but feel as if I was silently willing them to get their way in the end.

The book was a great mix of both romance and suspense, it had twists and turns peppered throughout and surprises that were strategically dotted all along the way, it certainly kept me guessing. Well written and with a strong sense of purpose, this was executed with an ease that only an author such as Ms Jones could manage…bravo.


Topic: End Game by Lisa Renee Jones

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