Unraveling The Truth About Love

by Addison Cole

There are many words that can be used to describe Unraveling The Truth About Love but if I had to choose just one I would have to say that it was delightful.

I thought the author used a tone with the story that played to the strength of the characters and their ability to reach me (the reader) emotionally.  Of course, the story was romantic – but it was also heartily engaging.

I thought Riley was a delight, a solid down to earth working girl, stepping out of her comfort zone in a bit to live the best life she can for herself. Taking up the new challenge of living in New York and pursuing a career as a designer were all to be commended and whilst I was apprehensive about her ability to switch from small town to big city, I soon learnt not to underestimate her dogged determination.

Riley’s new boss was Josh Braden, the guy that she had long held a fascination ( I should say crush here) with for as long as she is willing to admit…and luckily for her Josh was fighting much the same feelings so obviously it was only a matter of time before the pair of them gave in to the inevitable but as you would expect the conflict of interest been them being employee and employer and also being romantically linked doesn’t go unnoticed and it also sets the wheels a spinning for those that have more nefarious intensions…namely Claudia.

I have to say that if ever there was a woman that I would have quite happily thrown under a bus, it was Claudia because darn it that woman knew how to stir up a whole heap of trouble!

Could Riley and Josh survive the upheaval? Or would circumstance conspire – with a little help from the “delightful” Claudia to keep the pair of them apart or would she get her comeuppance and they get the opportunity to have their happy ever after?


Well, I hope you pick this up and find the answers to all of those questions for yourself, you will not be disappointed – it was a really enjoyable story with some great characters – Josh was a dream!


Topic: Unraveling The Truth About Love by Addison Cole

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