The Man Bible: A Survival Guide

by L.A. Casey

OMG, Nico Slater, bless you for the most glorious peek inside a mind that is quite simply brilliantly hilarious!

From start to finish this was totally chuckle worthy, and at times there was nothing I could do about the totally unsolicited chortle that had laughing out loud, you certainly know your stuff my young man.

I loved the fact that this was a brilliant look at the perils of being in love and your assistance to your brothers on the pitfalls of not paying close attention to the little things that their women do and most especially do not say…the quips directed at Alec had me doubled over, I couldn’t wait to see what you were going to say next.

I have never been able to actually choose between the brothers, you all bring something different to the party but with this I think I now know that Dominic, you are a star! You may not get it right all the time, but you certainly learn from your mistakes and this was a catalogue of everything you have picked up on along the way and are willing to share in order to save your brothers the pain of experiencing the wrath of the women that they love!

LA Casey, thank you for giving over your incredible talent to Nico, I doubt he made it easy for you but darn it, it was worth it, this was brilliant …oh and my husband concurred with almost every point Nico raised, I now know that he is on to me!


Topic: The Man Bible: A Survival Guide by L.A. Casey

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