Game On by Collette West

Unrequited love is a bitch but when you just can’t let it go, you have to take whatever opportunity is open to you and make it work!

Hailey Halpern and Bruce “Jilly” Gillette have history, slight convoluted history but it is there none the less.

Their flourishing romance was nipped in the bud in high school and neither of them has really ever gotten over it.

So when the opportunity to get back in touch presents itself, Hailey jumps in with both feet, unfortunately not thinking about the fact that her flourishing career as a writer is only going to cause them problems, because despite the fact that she hides her identity behind her carefully constructed pseudonym, she knows that if her identity ever became known to Jilly’s team mates at the New York Kings, any chance of a relationship with Jilly would be over.

Perhaps setting  her best selling romantic novels around her high school sweetheart and his team mates was not the best idea she ever had.

Well what can I say other than the path they have embarked upon is not all plain sailing, well I doubt you would have thought it realistic if it was but it is right for them.

I liked Hailey’s mom, she was the kind of mom a girl needs, urging her to get her head out of her arse and go get her man. Rick was a great friend, the one person that Jilly had kept ties with in town after hitting it big in baseball.

Kurt was a first class prick, everything that you would expect from a small town guy who had his shot and would always be remembered for being second best.

But can Jilly and Hailey find their Happy ever after, well enjoy the ride as you step up to the pitching mount with the man himself and get ready to lay your heart on the line with Hailey in a bid to finally get what you have needed all along!