Defying Fate by Heidi Lis

I am a sucker for a biker story and I have to say when I read that the blurb I was convinced that this would have me chomping at the bit.

Did it? Well somewhat.

For a first novel it was a good story but I have to say my only issue was the fact that I would have loved it if the author had given Izzy a little more time to herself.

Time to find herself somewhat and just make herself happy.

I was so sorry for Izzy, she really had, had a miserable time at the hands of Dominic, but she had a great friend in Kara and with her help she manages to get away.

Now starting again is never easy but I felt she needs time to straighten her life out and rebuild her confidence but no, not too be, it was almost as soon as she was away from Dominic, that Braxton the super sexy biker and his adorable daughter that lives on her street has her totally enamoured.

I get that she wanted to feel special, I suppose she just wanted to be wanted for who she is but I was yelling at her to slow down.

Now, this whirlwind was always going to whip up its own brand of trouble, no matter how hopeful they were that they had found something that might actually go the distance and this particular hurricane was about to hit them with not just one but both barrels and first up its Braxton’s ex, Tiffany who comes barging into their life and she is not a happy camper! Let the games begin!

But with her own brand of crazy, Tiffany just being around is the least of Izzy’s problems because her delusional idiocy is nothing when it come to the scale of nutter that she unleashes, when because of her Dominic is back in Izzy’s life.

Her happy ever after just tanked, heck she may not have an ever after at all by the time Dominic as finished because he has no intension of allowing her to be with anyone but him, so he sets his own path taking them both to the gates of hell, from which they will be lucky to survive.

But kidnapping, abusing and degrading her is all in a normal day for Dominic but I was just glad that he had underestimated the bond between Izzy and his sister Kara.

The story was pacey, a little too pacey at times for me, I liked Braxton and his daughter but I think what I liked most was that the author gave me characters that I could really hate and Tiffany and Dominic fitted that bill to a tee.