Hate Me Again

by Jaxson Kidman

I hope you have read Hate Me because this is part two for a reason, you need the have read the first book because this is the continuation of Violet and Mason’s story and without the details of where it all began you will be totally lost!

Written in alternative points of view, this gathers up the baton six months after the end of the first book, six months since Violet walked out on him! But from that day he has thought of little other than her, despite the fact that he is married! Not that you could possibly consider what there is between him and Stacey as being a loving relationship…a drunken fumble in Vegas that got out of hand and that seems to be hanging around his neck like a millstone…his money being the only thing that Stacey is actually in love with.

Anyway, I know I am rabbling, but I don’t know what bits to pick out and what I need to keep quiet about …actually I think I need to stop talking because there is too much that I could say but really shouldn’t.

Can he win back the woman that he wants?

Just what will both he and Violet have to do to get Stacey out of their lives for good?

There are parts of the book when I will admit that both Violet and Mason really got on my nerves but I wanted them to have a HEA, so I was willing to forgive some of their foibles and I am glad I did.

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