Dirty Mother

by Lani Lynn Vale


Ridley Walker and Freya Capone have a link that tethers them together but their connection is one that has been forged from the most astonishing pain.

The death of her brother devastated Freya, emotionally she is without the one person that she never thought she would be able to live without and she feels as if her life is crumbling. Ridley is the man that asked her brother, his brother from the MC to drive the car the day he died, to do him a favour and take his pregnant sister to the doctor, not knowing the impact that one simple request would have not only on his life but that of Freya.

But this super sharp, super-hot sheriff is so much more than I imagined, each and every one of the guys that has graced the pages of the Uncertain Saints series has brought his A game but with Ridley I thought he brought more to the pages than just that, he brought his soul.

Ridley has lived and tortured himself with what happened that day and the pain that those involved have experienced and he has never forgiven himself and I hated that he felt that way. But all that changes when he ends up in the local emergency room and it is Freya that not only saves him that night but also gives him a glimmer of hope that he can move past, the past!

I adored Freya, she was a completely unique character with a charm, wit and bin load of quirks that kept not only Ridley but me on my toes, the pain of losing her brother was so raw and her emotions so beautifully portrayed that I couldn’t help but wipe away the rogue tear that terrorized its way down my cheek.

The connection between the two of them was more than instant it was bone deep, there was something that refused to be denied, refused to be beaten and that they both needed to find a way to get on board with. They can’t stay away from each other and I didn’t want them too. They were each other’s salvation and I wanted that for each of them.

But in true Lani Lynn Vale style, this is not an easy journey to a happy ending, there isn’t just separation to deal with but pain and danger, the sort of danger that this sheriff might be used to dealing with but that Freya really hasn’t a clue about handling, so can she survive the worst when it comes knocking on the door or will everything they have come crashing down around them?

This was a ball to the wall Lani smash hit! I adore this author, everything about her speaks to me so clearly and her characters always leave their mark…another super addition to the Lani Lynn Vale library, smashed it!

Topic: Dirty Mother by Lani Lynn Vale

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