Bending Fate

by Reily Garrett

These few chapter won’t take you long to finish but they will leave you in no doubt about this author’s abilities because Ms Garrett manages to inject a lot more into her few prequel chapter than you might imagine.

I thought the author set off at a torrid pace and in some parts her descriptions were perhaps a little wordy for my taste but as the pages flipped past the story seemed to settle down and the pattern took shape.

Now, telling you the story of a book that is only a little over 3 chapters is pointless, it will take you no time at all to read it, so I hope it is sufficient to say that the story primarily centres on Dani and her search for another girl by the name of Callie and let’s just say everything does not go as planned.

I like my books in order so the fact that this was released after Carnal Whispers did add to my pet peeve but the author kept it short and sweet so in the end it was no big deal.

Easily digested in a very short period of time this is a short sharp read that fills in some back ground on Dani but in my opinion you really should read Carnal Whispers first or there may be room for confusion.

Topic: Bending Fate by Reily Garrett

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