A Step Two Close by Jaimie Roberts


Wow, keep your eyes wide open ladies because this is one heck of a ride.

Told from duel points of view, this is the story of Ayden and Hunter.

Ayden has a mother that cares not one jot for her and subjects her to abhorrent physical and mental abuse. When all you can focus on is getting through each day with your mental acumen still intact, you tend not to focus too long on anything over and above what is pertinent.

So when her mother breaks the news that she is getting married, Ayden is blown away. But the news keeps on coming when she is informed that Mason, the luck (or unlucky) groom to be depending on your perception of events and his son will be coming to live with them.

The plot took on a twist that took the wind out of my sails when I read it because dang!!! I hadn’t seen that coming!!!

Ayden has a previous connection to both Mason and his son Hunter, one that neither of them was clued in on either – this was going to be interesting.

Secrets are destructive but sometimes and this is one of those times, it pays to have the parties involved quietly living in oblivion.

At only 19 years only, she hasn’t had many sexual partners- what are the odds that she would have been with two from the same family and that neither of them is aware of the other?

And fate was really conspiring when they both end up heading towards the realms of becoming family…OMG

While Ayden is one tough cookie, it was Hunter that I fell in love with I loved his outlook and perceptiveness. He begins to piece together the details of Ayden’s life and the more he learns the more he knows that this is the woman that he wants to keep for himself.

The deception, the lies and the anticipation was electrifying. The chemistry that Ayden and Hunter had was off the charts hot, I mean proper steamy stuff, oh and if you like dirty taking eroticism is your bag then this is just the story for you!!

There are a plethora of books which centre themselves on this subject matter mean that it isn’t easy to stand out from the crowd but this is a leap above the norm, it takes the scenario and gives it a kick up the butt… job well done!!!

Topic: A Step Two Close by Jaimie Roberts

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