by K.M. Golland

Lucas and Helena’s story is one that I have been waiting for, so I was delighted to be back with the Wild Nights series.

I found the story really enjoyable, it had a little bit of everything, a smidge of humour, a touch of mystery and a whole bucketload of romance and for me, I think the author got the ratio just right. I found it was compulsive almost as I tripped from page to page looking for what was to come next and finding that no matter what I thought I was for the most part way off the mark.

Helena might have been the new owner of the Wild Nights show but her position was not one that Lucas was particularly willing to pay much heed of, because he was sure from almost the first minute he clapped eyes on her that she was the one he was not just after but was going to get, he was relentless in his pursuit of not just her but also he search for what was eating away at her…her past was far from perfect!

I liked Lucas, he was smoking hot yes but that wasn’t all that he had going for him he was a good guy and when her past threatens to create issues for them both he was more than willing to face them by her side.

An enjoyable return to the Wild Nights …thoroughly enjoyable.


Topic: Resist by K.M. Golland

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