Eraser Lilac by Megan Keith

Eraser Lilac by Megan Keith

Book Three in the Eraser Series

The initial book - Eraser left me bereft when it ended because I frantically thought that there would be no more – but now I am bereft for a different reason – the next book just can’t come fast enough.

Mackenzie and Sir pick up from where they left off and despite the fact that he feels ever so slightly guilty ( and rightly so!) about drugging her to get her to say – the pair of them embark on what can only be described as a full on sexual marathon.

He believes that he wants a Dom/Sub relationship with Mackenzie, while she isn’t quite sure what the hell is going on – she just doesn’t want whatever it is to stop!

Tentatively they step onto the path together, trying to work out what is going on between them – they are both in virgin territory here – Sir hasn’t wanted anyone more than once until Mackenzie and now he can’t get enough and Mackenzie doesn’t or more to the point hasn’t done relationships but this is not a normal relationship or is it?

Their trip to the shops reminded me very much of the scene from Pretty Woman – only handled better! And the impromptu session in the lingerie store was spectacular!

Their relationship is new and exciting and full of unanswered questions for them both but it become clear that the Dom/Sub scenario is not one that they fit into and Sir is not shy at coming forward to let her know that it is not enough – he wants it all with her – the full on relationship.

My heart smiled for them both – but I know that it may not be as easy as that and Ms Keith left me dangling like a thread when Mackenzie utters the last word in this instalment!

I won’t spoilt it by saying what that is but I will say  that the door to Sir’s past is now open to her and whether they step through together, only time will tell but I for one will most definitely have my fingers and everything else crossed for them.

Yet another, blistering hot read a true mistress in the art -  Please bring on book four before I may spontaneously combust!