Truly Yours

by Mia Miller

A wonderful story that gave me the opportunity to travel from its inception, the time the main characters met as youngsters at summer camp, right through until their more was within their grasp and all the twists and turns that happened along the way.
I thought the start of the book was pitched perfectly, it was a sweet introduction that told the story of how Oscar and Delia first encountered each other and how it Delia that steps up when he was being bullied and from that simple act of friendship a bond was forged. But of course time and tide wait for no one and camp had to eventually come to an end, the question was then, what would happen then?
Well, they endeavour to keep in touch and for a long time, they managed to keep that up but eventually, their correspondence dwindles and eventually they lose touch. Fate obviously hadn’t quite finished with the two of them because years later they are reacquainted when they both go to college…although it isn’t necessarily what you could describe as being a roaring reintroduction, things could have definitely gone better …but why is it all so complicated?
Well that my friend, that is you will uncover for yourself as you read their tale but what I will say is that there are so many twists and turns that I couldn’t help but feel that if they could navigate the obstacles that seemed to be doing their utmost to keep them apart, then this truly was a love story of epic proportions.
You will fall in love with both artistic Delia and creative Oscar, although he will test your patience at times but please bear with him his heart is in the right place! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he is more than a little easy on the eye, the guy is gorgeous.
With a unique outlook, I think the author took what is a tried and tested genre and gave it a hefty reality check, the result was a story that was beautifully captivating. Although if I have a gripe at all I would say that I had to reread the last chapter as soon as I had initially finished because I thought I had missed something…let’s just see what you think.

Topic: Truly Yours by Mia Miller

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