by Jennifer Foor

I thought I would get more out of this than I did and I think that was because I found Raimey a little tough to connect with.

But I think my main issue was that before I started I thought that I would get it, she was the girl of the family, brought up in a male dominated household, this I could relate too but I just didn’t get the bond and I wanted too…I really didn’t .

She had been gone 4 years by the time she walked back into the house she had called home for so long, back in New Jersey after yet another disastrous relationship went belly up when her so called boyfriend cheated on her, but while she hasn’t really moved on since she left town, emotionally I think she was just a little immature in some respects, those she left behind weren’t the same and not everyone she thought she was going to find is present!

But while not everyone is happy to see her, her ex-boyfriend Crane was certainly glad to have her back in town and he set about ensuring that he was by her side every step of the story, and I wanted her to see that despite her having been away and despite the fact that she could and had done a darn sight worse than him, this was a guy that she needed to be honest with …read the book and you will see where I am coming from, the truth isn’t always the first thing from the lips of more than one of these characters.

I think I liked the story although I didn’t always like all of the characters, I liked Linc and I also like Crane but Raimey…not so much!

An addictive read that swept me away no matter how much I tried to fight it!

Topic: Repossess by Jennifer Foor

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