Eraser Amber by Megan Keith


Ladies Please.. I cannot say this enough – do yourselves a favour and buy this series!!!!

I was hooked from the first book and distraught when I mistakenly thought that one book was all we were getting, I have been on an emotional ride ever since and with only one more book to go before this remarkable series ends I am garnering all my strength for the day when I will have to say goodbye to both Sir and Mackenzie, there will be tears, I already know that, so I give fair warning to all that know me that on the 17th of November  ( when the next and final book is released) I will be the puddle of tears rocking in the corner trying to console myself with the fact that this belting series will be over..

But back to this book in particular, Eraser Amber sees us picking straight back up from the end of Eraser Crimson and Mackenzie is not is good shape physically but it is the emotional mess that Sir is in that had me hooked.

This man is so put together that it is only by experiencing his pain can we get to completely understand the depth of his feelings for Mackenzie.

He is broken by what has happened to Mackenzie, feeling that he has to shoulder the responsibility of the events. My heart broke for him at this point, he loves her so much that he was sinking without her.

This strong man was falling apart on the pages before me and it was painful to read.

The road to recovery was never going to be smooth sailing but when things plummet to a point of complete desolation, I held my breath and prayed that they could make it.

Taking Mackenzie at her word, he determined that when she required care, he will be one to provide it, and the pair of them embark on a situation that whilst completely wrong, it was so right because it is only by being lost and alone together that they can experience the fact that without each other they are incomplete.

The scene where their situation finally caused them to erupt was literary gold – I honestly felt as if I was standing in the room with the pair of them, I could both hear and feel the pain from them both, the crossed wires and doubts that had them both reaching the wrong conclusions and wallowing in misery was vocalised perfectly – drawing the fact that they were suffering and afraid from them both.

Sir and Mackenzie belong together and Ms Keith, dont make me hunt you down because I won’t settle for anything else!!!

The other characters in the book are pivotal and it was fascinating to get a little more of Sir’s back story, his family and his love for his brother.

But if you have read the others – which if you haven’t, I am just going to say this one more time – READ THEM!!!

Then you will know that the sex between Sir and Mackenzie has never been just a little flicker of a flame it is the whole bloody building is burning down around you sort of flame!! Well this book is no different, if anything Megan has stepped it up a gear because you may very well need to make sure you have a fan close by to cool yourself off.