Match This by MJ Fields

Looking for story that will put a smile on your face, well then this is right up that alley!

I think from the blurb you will know that Kat isn’t your standard book heroine, this is a woman that isn’t sugar coated, she is dipped and sass and loving every last second of being supremely confident in her own skin that she can call it like it is!

Kat doesn’t suffer fools, in fact she doesn’t really suffer anyone, she is tolerant of those that she absolutely must but when it comes to men, she is almost ambivalent because she is of the opinion that when it comes to having a man in not only her life but her bed she really isn’t that bothered. Her mother on the other hand is singing from a completely different hymn book… with hilarious results.

Kat’s behaviour and/or opinion is that when it comes to relationships they are more trouble than they are worth and for the most part she just gives the whole dating malarkey a wide berth after all she has seen what has happened to her mother and step father’s relationship and while she didn’t know all the details, add that to the fact that she had already had her own personal experience of being on the wrong side of a break up and this was one minefield that she was steering well clear of.

But when she signs up to a dating website in order to show her mother exactly what to do, the ensuing escapade were nothing short of comedy gold! The story made me laugh out loud, not just once or twice but on so many occasions that I honestly felt like I might have to put the story down at one point.

I liked the fact that we got to see Kat in all her glory, the honesty of what is real life, the fact that the personality to take to work and present to the world isn’t necessarily the real you. I like that Kat was completely different when she was away from the tattoo shop. It gave her an air of honesty that almost brought her character to life.

I really can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

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