Come by J A Huss

Come by J A Huss

Come by JA Huss

Book One in the Dirty, Dark & Deadly Series

I initially came across this novella as one of the inclusions in the Bend Anthology but when JA Huss released this, I had to add it to my collection in its own right.

Harper, is a lonely girl doing what she can to remain under the radar and stay one step ahead of the life she left behind. Barely eighteen years old, she’s learnt the hard way that in order to stay alive, she has to stay hidden.

Forever cautious she was convinced that she had succeeded in her bit to become invisible but what she wasn’t aware of was the fact that she had in fact garnered some unplanned attention.

James, is just the type of man that Harper needs to steer well clear of but his attention is as alluring as it is dangerous and boy oh boy is James dangerous.

James has spent months watching Harper, waiting for his opportunity to make himself known to her – he has his reasons for his fixation with her but those secrets continue to remain unclear.

One thing that is clear is that when it comes to sex – James is as dominant as they come – he can bend Harper to his will and destroy her with his words alone. Harper will succumb to him – she has no option because this is how he operates and I am certain that this is when we will get to experience James at his very best.

I have a feeling that the journey that we are about to embark on with the pair of them will be immense.

James and Harper are incredible and this is a novella is just an incredible start to what I am certain will be an awesome series.

First Class story telling !