London Loves by Theresa Troutman


Jeez, just when you think you have it all sussed out – you get slammed with a final book like this one and it blows your socks off!

We have travelled through the years with Sebastian and Tess, we have seen what “Bash” was like in book one and how they met, we have been with them as they struggled to find their happiness in book two and now her in book three we get to see them together, married with a child and back in London as Tess takes up a new job.

England holds too many painful memories for Sebastian, it is not somewhere that he has actively thought about ever returning to, but for his wife he would travel to the ends of the earth and to that avail – he is homeward bound with his family in tow.

Being on home turf means that his former life and his family are back in his life, not something that he relishes – well not his mother anyway but with a little assistance from his eldest brother – Maxwell, he decides to do something about a loose end that he has had playing on his mind – he sets about tracking down his father.

I suppose being a parent himself has left issues that require resolution, his father left them following the divorce and as difficult as his mother can be, Sebastian now a father himself is keen to at least try to establish some sort of connection – no matter how slight.

Things are as always tinged with sadness and some events are tougher to take than others but just as Sebastian is in London for Tess, she is right beside him through every hiccup and every tear.

When duty calls and Sebastian takes up a mantel that is unexpected he has finally come full circle and can show those around him, including his mother that he is the man she never thought he would be but that he knew he always could be.

This a fabulous trilogy, exquisitely written and gloriously personal. It doesn’t follow trends, it plays out much as life would and flows with the hearts of the characters.