Jesse by Jo Raven



That’s it I have my favourite now!!!

Jo Raven – I adore your guys but Jesse is mine now!!

His life right up until Zane found him and took him in. He is pretty much a closed book in some respects because what you see from the man is only what he wants you to see,

He hides his true self and does a damn good job of doing it.

Behind his humour lies his pain and his expectation that what he has cannot possibly last, I really felt for him, he is bravado was his mask and I just wanted him to let the world in.

Amber, has been through the mill, school was a painful experience she suffered the hands of bully’s and to be honest she still is suffering, because even after all this time, she hasn’t managed to outgrow the fear that her torment instilled in her. Socially she is the epitome of wall flower, she is happy in her own company but that is all about to change.

When she returns home, her friend Ev (who just happens to be Micah’s woman) invites her a party and she is completely determined to blow away Amber social cloud!

Amber’s life is just about to get very interesting because when she attends the party she meets Jesse and while it may be a less than auspicious initial introduction, there two souls know a kindred spirit when it is in the same room and so an initially uneasy alliance is forged.

I completely fell in love with the two of them as their story built on each and every page. Jesse brought out a side of Amber that was just magical to read, it was as if she had finally had her wings unclipped and was set free. Her spark was so bright and Jesse was the flame that fanned the heat in her soul. He gave her strength, almost as if because of the way he was with her gave her permission to be the woman that she had always wanted.

I said at the beginning that Jesse was my new favourite, well now I will tell you why… he was just so much of everything that it was and still is difficult to actually decide where to start.

His upbringing broke my heart, but that isn’t even the half of it, I adored the fact that he was a cocky SOB, he knew the effect his looks and charm had on the ladies and was completely shameless about using it to his advantage, honestly he made me smile! I hated that he was a victim of his past and that in some respects his front was just that, a front against the world, a defence mechanism to protect him from the possibility of being in a position where he could ever be hurt again. I felt violent at the mere thought of him ever feeling that way it was just so unjust. He really was good guy.

But what really nailed the whole book for me was the connection between the two of them, he was her shield again the world that had treated her so poorly up until now, and she was reason for him to unleash the real Jesse, to stop pretending and to allow himself to love her.

This is a fantastic book and my favourite of the series so far but I have to say all the guys are amazing but Jesse … wow – love him!

Although, word of warning – Zane will have you reaching for the tissues!!