Jack and Coke by Lani Lynn Vale

My drink of choice which just happens to be Jack and Coke, an author that if she wrote the phone book I would read and a rare day to myself and I was ready to indulge, I mean what is there not to love about that scenario…well let me tell you, not a da*n thing!  

Those that know me know that I am an absolute bookwh**e when it comes to Lani Lynn Vale’s books – I’m addicted to her sexy a**ed alpha males and Mig was yet another one to add to my list, boy that guy had brooding down to a fine art.

But ladies, take my word for it you need to get yourself acquainted.

I was a little wary of the storyline at first because from the blurb I thought the story might have had a love triangle going on but I couldn’t have been further from the truth because when it comes to the situation between Mig and his skanky a**ed wife, there were many words that could have been used to describe the situation and love was not and never could be one of them.

I didn’t understand how he could stand to be around her let alone marry the witch but when all is revealed and I think I fell a little harder, the guy was just fabulous. So honourable in the face of what must have been complete disgust for the woman he felt he had no option but to share his home with. But his domestic situation was playing havoc with his heart because it had its eye set on Annie but with the domestic situation and what I can only describe as a solid moral fortitude neither of them were willing to step across the line into an affair, they are friends albeit with the most amazing attraction to each other but they don’t cheat and I was thankful for that, it’s not something I find that I can tolerate in a story.

Annie fell for Mig the minute he rolled along the main street on his bike and Mig fell that little bit harder when she moved next door. And when you get to know her I can see what it was about her that had him hooked. She had attitude and she wasn’t afraid to use it. I loved her sass.

So what does the story have in story for them, well it has so much going on. Once you get your head around Mig and his “wife” you will then have a whole heap of trouble to assimilate, this really was taking the usual peril, mystery and intrigue to a whole new level.

Oh and a quick word of warning you may want to get your order in for the next book – Vodka on the Rocks because its Casten and Tasha tale and it is going to be amazing I am certain!

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