You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Everyone has to start somewhere and for a debut novel I have to say that this shows that this author certainly has flare but I am not sure that this was the completely polished article yet, I think she has more left in her tank to give and that while this was a good read, I thought it had a little room around the edges that could have given it an extra oomph!

Lennox and Vic, well they were the sort of characters that you may shake your head at on more than one occasion but you just can’t help but like them.

Lennox, she was a bit of a klutz, with a habit of being able to unwittingly end up ankle deep in all manner of trouble but I could forgive her most of the time because I loved her wit, she was genuinely funny. But her day to day struggles meant that while she was trying to deal with her less than stellar past and desperately trying to keep her sanity intact while she made it out the other side, she made some really silly decisions, honestly woman!

Now, you might think I am moaning and maybe I am but it is only slightly because the book kept me engaged and entertained.

And one of my absolutely favourite aspects of the book was the banter between Lennox and Vic,that was worth the book price alone.

So that brings me neatly on to Vic.

Well this guy has a whole heap of mean and moodiness going on, and I wanted them to set the page alight and it initially they did but it didn’t last as long as I wanted, their flicker turned down too quickly and I just wanted them to sparkle a little more.

That is not to say that I didn’t like the premise of Vic because as a character he was one that, while he didn’t initially blow my socks off, I could see myself warming too, I just needed a little bit more time.

So let me quantify exactly what I am babbling on about, I liked the story but I think it had legs to go a bit further, and seemed to finish quicker than I would have wanted.

There were a few bits that were lighter more subdued than I anticipated, it was almost as if I needed it to have a little bit more colour, more depth, more detail.

If I had to describe the general feel I would say that it was a solid romance, I am going to add the author to my list and will definitely give her next work a shot.

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